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Ignore is used to override a state change that would be set by another device. For example, if you have a Light that you want to restrict to dark only hours, is controlled from a second device and you do not want it to turn on when it is dark, you would add a photocell or location device but then use an ignore attribute. This informs the device what the states for light and dark are for restriction purposes, but does not control it from those states.


	Attribute.COMMAND:	Command.<State>,
	Attribute.SOURCE:	<source device>,
        Attribute.START:        <time>              <-- Optional
<time> <--
<time> can be:'HH:MM' 'HH:MM:SS' 'HH:MMam|pm' HH:MM:SSam|pm or
(seconds, minutes, hours, day-of-month, month, day-of-week)


'16:30' - 24 hour clock
'4:30pm' - 12 hour clock
('*',30,16,'*','*','*') <- 4:30pm in cron format
('*',0,9,'*','*',5) <- 9:00am on Saturdays only


Here we ignore the DARK command from a Photocell or Location device as well as a CLOSE signal from a contact.

        Attribute.COMMAND: Command.DARK, Attribute.COMMAND: Command.CLOSE, },