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States supported - UNKNOWN, ON, OFF, LEVEL

A Light device has is normally attached to an Insteon or UPB switch or module but could also be an LED on a WTDIO board.

Insteon dimmer devices allow you to set the “on level” for the switch. If you use this option, the light will not turn on all the way when you turn it on. If you want Pytomation to check what level the light is when it is turned on, add “verify_on_level=True” when defining the light.


# Lets define three lights connected to different interfaces. #Insteon light l_hallway = Light(address='12.E4.88', devices=insteon ) l_study = Light(address='12.E4.90', devices=insteon, verify_on_level=True) # UPB light l_hallway = Light(address=(48,4), devices=upb ) # An LED connected to a WTDIO board led_light = Light(address='A4', devices=wtdio )