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States supported - UNKNOWN, MOTION, STILL

A Motion device is a motion detector. Motion detectors are generally connected to the system via a WTDIO hardwired device or a wireless X10 device such as a MS16a.


# Lets define two motion detectors connected to different interfaces.
# X10 MS16A Wireless motion detector via a W800RF32 interface
hall_motion = Motion(address='E1',
                     devices=w800 )
# A standard wired motion detector connected to a WTDIO board
stairs_motion = Motion(address='A4',
                       devices=wtdio )

Providing a retrigger delay to the device. Often a motion detector will switch on and off rapidly and may not be what is required. Using the retrigger_delay attribute one can add a delay to the off or STILL state to solve this problem.

# Define a motion device but give it a bit of debounce because it 
# is hardwired and will go on and off rapidly.
hall_motion = Motion(address='A4',
                         Attribute.SECS: 20,
                     }, )