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Insteon is a power line control product that transmits and receives data across the 120VAC house wiring. Insteon supports a wide range of devices from wall switches and lamp modules to relay contacts and thermostats. Pytomation uses a computer interface called a Power Line Modem (PLM) that connects via USB, RS232 or Network to your computer. Below are the model numbers supported.

  • 2413S – RS232 PowerLinc Modem

  • 2413U – USB PowerLinc Modem

  • 2412N – TCP/IP PowerLinc Modem

The PLM communicates to wall switches and lamp modules etc. Here is a small list of devices known to work. This is by no means all of the devices that will work. We will provide an updated complete list as time allows.

  • SwitchLinc 600watt Dimmer wall switch - 2476D

  • SwitchLinc Relay wall switch, 17amp - 2477S

  • LampLinc 300watt Dimmer plugin module - 2457D2

  • Appliance plugin module 15amp - 2456S3

Using in an Instance

# Set up the interface
insteon = InsteonPLM(Serial('/dev/ttyS1', 19200, xonxoff=False)

# Using in a light
# SwitchLinc 2476D V5.4 l_hallway = Light(address='17.C0.7C', devices=(insteon), time={ Attribute.TIME: '10:20pm', Attribute.COMMAND: Command.OFF }, name="Hallway Lights",

NOTE: The Insteon driver is still under development and some features are not yet supported.