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The W800 family of RF receivers are designed to receive X10 RF signals generated from X10 products such as key chain remotes, Hawkeye motion detectors, Slimeline wall switches and many, many other X10 RF devices.

The W800 then sends these commands directly to your computer's RS232 or USB port, depending on the model purchased. This allows your computer to receive X10 RF commands from remotes and motion detectors directly, without having to broadcast any power line commands.

Pytomation currently supports the following model:

  • X10 RF receiver with the RS232 interface - W800RF32A

  • X10 RF receiver with the USB interface - W800USB

Using in an Instance

# Create the interface

w800 = W800rf32(Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0', 4800, xonxoff=False))

# X10 Slimline RF wall switch in living room
sl_sofa = Generic('A1', w800)

Note International models differ.