Web App

The Pytomation web interface allows for two way communication, so when your devices change it's state (on/off, for example) the web interface is updated with the correct value. On Chrome Desktop, with a touch screen, you can swipe down to say a Voice Command. To utilize the “Voice Commands”, slide the device list down until it tells you to “Release for Voice Command”, and then release.

You can enable the web application in your instance file by adding the following:

websocket = PytoWebSocketServer()

Remember to add PytoWebSocketServer, HTTP to your import line, like this example:

from pytomation.interfaces import Serial, W800rf32, InsteonPLM, Wtdio, NamedPipe, PhillipsHue, \
                                StateInterface, Command, Arduino, PytoWebSocketServer, HTTP

The default configuration creates the web server at http://localhost:8080. To change the address, port number, user name, or password (or remove authentication) edit the configuration file at pytomation/common/config.py